F cases no pathological change of the coats of the bowels can be found, in other cases there is some thickening of the structures due to chronic hyperaemia. cheap viagra india The only symptom referable to the bowels is the obstinate constipation, although there may be pain or aching along the course of the colon and tenderness on pressure; and in "mucous colic" violent attacks of pain, due to spasm in the colon, precede the discharge of a large amount of mucus. buy viagra without prescription The prolonged constipation, often lasting for years before the occurrence of mucous or membranous colitis, is said to be the cause of an excessive formation of mucus. viagra over the counter turkey We can easily understand that the retention of faeces is a source of irritation to the mucous glands in the coats of the bowels. buy viagra from usa These crypts, lined with mucous cells, ordinarily provide sufficient mucus to lubricate the passage and keep it moist - no more! The secretion is a glairy, transparent, viscid fluid, such as may be seen covering scybala and hard motions in an ordinary case of constipation. brand viagra canada no prescription Constipation causes, first, an excess of ordinary healthy mucus; secondly, it provokes some change in the mucous cells so that the secretion is altered in character from a glairy, transparent fluid to something like a paste, which forms a mucinoid coating to the bowels. brand viagra canada no prescription But however changed the discharge may be, it is always mucus or mucinoid in character, and never contains fibrin such as would occur from inflammatory exudations. brand viagra canada no prescription This paste-like substance may be protective in character, but it does not lubricate the bowels or assist in defalcation. The nervous system is always seriously disturbed in this disease, owing to the toxaemia arising from the constipation and intestinal indigestion; so much are the nerves deteriorated that some authorities consider the pathological condition a secretion neurosis. viagra dosage erectile dysfunction Moreover, the longer the disease lasts the more neurotic becomes the sufferer. viagra generic The patients are always chronic dyspeptics, usually eating little, suffering pain after food; they are thin, pale, anaemic. viagra online Their mental condition is that of the pessimist; they view everything from the worst side, become gloomy, despondent, and melancholic. They are not always passing "skins" or large quantities of mucus. When their motions are practically free from this material their health is improving; when their health is worse, the despondency more marked, the feebleness pronounced, and the general condition is deteriorating, they are about to pass "skins," or large quantities of mucus; and when they have got rid of them their health is again improved. Mucous and membranous colitis are sometimes due to the lodgment of a foreign body in the colon. Thus a patient who had suffered from dyspepsia for more than a year, who ate little and suffered from constipation and mucous colitis, was soon cured after the removal of extraneous substances. She was given a diet of bland and unirritating food, such as for intestinal c. viagra canada www.ecolesps.ca

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