Eb. 2005, in arizona, u. S. I had peripheral blood stem cell transplant in dec. 2005. Since then i have greatly improved. As to your husband drinking alcohol: my dr. discount viagra Says an occasional drink is okay, but i find that my neoropathy increases with alcohol, and really seems to be sensitive to lots of sugar, either in sweets or alcohol. I still take the gabapentin, as well, though decreased lots since pbsct. viagra cost I go to the gym now, and can walk for miles, even though i had to wear leg braces to walk at all before, and they said i would be in wheelchair eventually. Now they call it \"cr\", complete remission, and hope to call it cured at the 5 year mark. Good luck to you both, report guest 2 march 2008 at 05:48am where did you receive your stem cell transplant? My daughter, who has not been able to walk or stand since july 2007, was diagnosed with poems in november, and mayo is suggesting the same. She hasn't responded to six weeks of radiation (ended jan. ). I would so appreciate any information on your experiences. viagra coupon Thank you so much. buy viagra cheap Report paulosz 4 march 2008 at 02:29am i recieved my pbsct(transplant) at university medical center in tucson,az. I was treated through the arizona cancer center, and cannot say enough about how awesome their program is. The bone and marrow transplant program there is rated very highly, everywhere i could find information. Dr. viagra for women herbal Michael carroll was my oncologist, though he has since moved to sutter medical center in sacramento, ca. classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-viagra-for-sale-generic-im/ He was agressive with my treatment, which i am quite grateful for. Poems is tough, because most dr. S' lump the patient in with the multiple myeloma patients, and it is really quite different. I would be happy to talk with you further, just let me know what i can do to help you both, report wanda 16 march 2008 at 22:09pm dear paulosz - thank you for your response. samples of viagra online I am the mother whose daughter has poems and i would indeed like to know more about your experience! Would you mind writing to **** with poems on the subject line? viagra canada Appreciately, wanda *i'm having problems joining this site. best place to buy viagra online forum The image on the registration page does not come up for me. [color=green:25a44d3d58][size=9:25a44d3d58][i:25a44d3d58][b:25a44d3d58](sorry but patient admin have removed either a telephone number, an email address, and or web address, from this posting, as it is the policy of patient uk not to publish these on. www.ecolesps.ca

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